Copernic Inc.

Our mission is to offer users the freedom to easily access any information from wherever they are, whenever they want, with new innovative solutions.

Our vision is to provide innovative global solutions that will empower our clients by offering instant access to information, delivered through our premium quality brands.

Copernic Inc., originally called, launched in 1996 by Herman Tumurcuoglu, was one of the web’s first metasearch engines. With its head office located in Montreal, Canada, is a tier 2 search engine.

On December 22, 2005, completed its acquisition of “Copernic Technologies Inc.”, a search technology company founded in 1996 in Quebec City and maker of the desktop search utility Copernic Desktop Search. In the preceding fiscal year Copernic had a revenue of about $5.9 million and an EBITDA of about $1.8 million; paid $15.9 million and issued 2,380,000 common shares.[1]

On June 8, 2007, Inc. was renamed Copernic Inc. Along with the name change came a new stock symbol (CNIC)(June 14, 2007) and a new corporate website.

On November 17, 2008, the SEC announced that it had charged Mark Cuban with insider trading. it was alleged that he directed his broker to sell his entire 600,000 shares of stock in the company to avoid losses in excess of $750,000 based on insider information.[2]

Prior to the name change, its slogan was “The Mother Of All Search Engines”.

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  1. tomas Says:

    Copernic (Nasdaq: CNIC) is a great technology company in the midst of change and reorganization. Copernic has great programmers but has had poor management. Copernic has expanded its desktop search offering and has an interesting new preview version for a new mobile technology that allows you to search and view files from your home or work computer on your cellphone, pda, or iphone.

    IMO, Copernic needs to also focus some time and attention on and upgrade that technology and value proposition as well.

    Like all technology companies, Copernic needs to continue to develop new cutting edge products and find channel partners to help support marketing and sales. Copernic has done it in the past, and will hopefully do it again.

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